Metanautix Launches Software Defined Data Marts With Quest 2.0

This week, Metanautix announced the launch of Quest 2.0, the latest version of its platform for querying relational and non-relational datasets to enable customers to obtain an integrated, 360 degree view of data spanning disparate datasets and repositories. Quest 2.0 features software-defined data marts that allow customers to build data marts using virtualization technology to create discrete repositories for data for individual business units and business processes. Enterprise IT departments retain the ability to deliver centralized management and review of software-defined data marts across an organization. Meanwhile, the data marts empower business units to ingest, analyze and visualize data with enhanced operational agility in comparison to enterprise data warehouses. Quest 2.0 accelerates the pace of data analysis within an organization while concurrently offering centralized governance, audit control and security functionality. The solution brings the ability of the Metanautix Compute Engine to perform analytics across a multitude of datasets while empowering business units to take ownership of their data strategy, analytic roadmap and data practices.

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