SnowFlake Computing Raises $45M In Series C Funding And Announces General Availability Of SnowFlake Elastic Data Warehouse

SnowFlake Computing recently announced the general availability of the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse, a SQL data warehouse available as a Software as a Service deployment on the Amazon Web Services cloud. The SnowFlake Data Warehouse represents a data warehouse designed for cloud infrastructures that decouples storage from computing, thereby enabling customers to benefit from the low costs of public cloud storage as well as on demand computing. As a fully managed solution, the SnowFlake Data Warehouse gives customers the freedom to store and access cloud-based structured and semi-structured data without the hassle of managing the infrastructure or taking responsibility for the infrastructure’s elasticity, scalability, availability and security. In conjunction with the news of the general availability of the SnowFlake Elastic Data Warehouse, SnowFlake Computing also announced the finalization of $45M in Series C funding led by Altimeter Capital with additional participation from existing investors Redpoint Ventures, Sutter Hill Ventures and Wing Ventures. The capital raise validates the vision behind SnowFlake’s disruptive model of cloud-based data warehousing. Architected for the cloud, the SnowFlake Data Warehouse supports the storage and query of big data in ways that allow enterprises to derive actionable business intelligence from petabytes of transactional data with impressive query response times and latencies.

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