Sauce Labs Delivers Enhancements To User Interface For Its Cloud-Based Testing Platform

On June 11, Sauce Labs announced a significant update to its cloud-based platform for testing web and mobile applications in the form of an enhanced user interface and single sign-on functionality. The updated Sauce Labs user interface allows customers to understand the status of the build of an application and the associated multitude of constituent tests instead of tracking the progress of individual tests. Sauce Labs also features a range of enterprise-grade features such as the ability to more effectively manage groups of users and run analytics on usage patterns for individuals, roles and teams. The platform’s single sign-on functionality allows enterprises to more easily promote usage of the Sauce Labs cloud testing platform within their existing portfolio of applications in addition to simplifying the provisioning of new accounts. Importantly, Sauce Labs continues to refine and improve its integration with continuous integration platforms such as Jenkins, Bamboo and Team City to help streamline the incorporation of test results into subsequent builds and application refinements. The update to the Sauce Labs dashboard builds on the company’s finalization of $15M in Series D funding in February 2015. To date, over 250 million tests have been performed on the Sauce Labs platform in a clear sign that the Sauce Labs cloud-based testing platform continues to stake out a leadership position in the landscape of cloud-based web and mobile testing platforms. Meanwhile, Google recently provided further validation of the importance of cloud-based, parallel multivariate application testing as evinced by its announcement of the Google Cloud Testing Lab for Android applications.

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