Menlo Security Raises $25M In Series B Funding And Reveals Isolation Platform For Malware And IT Security

This week, Menlo Security emerged from stealth to reveal details of a security platform that leverages isolation technology to tackle malware and related threats to IT security. In contrast to IT security models that focus on perimeter defense or behavioral analytics to identify anomalous behavior, Menlo Security deploys an isolation platform to quarantine web-based applications in disposable containers as illustrated in the graphic below:

As the graphic illustrates, all content is housed within Menlo Security’s isolation platform, irrespective of whether it poses a security threat or not. Because the platform disposes of all content, security threats never reach endpoint devices or infrastructures. The platform removes malware from web traffic, attachments and email without requiring the installation of endpoint software. In addition to announcing details of its isolation platform, Menlo Security revealed the finalization of a Series B funding raise totaling $25M. The Series B funding raise was led by Sutter Hill Ventures and complemented by participation from General Catalyst and Osage Partners. The finalization of Menlo’s Series B round means that it has now raised a total of $35.5M, building on a November 2014 Series A funding round of $10.5M. The launch of its isolation platform promises to disrupt cloud security methodologies by delivering a model for disposing of malware without relying on analytics to detect deviations from “baseline” usage patterns or perimeter defense approaches. As such, Menlo’s isolation platform places it in a unique ballpark when it comes to cloud security and malware detection by taking the discussion about cloud security away from what is good and bad, toward a different model entirely.

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