AppFormix Emerges From Stealth To Deliver Real-Time Visibility Into Cloud Infrastructure And Raises $7M In Series A Funding

AppFormix today emerged from stealth to reveal details of its platform for optimizing infrastructure and application performance in a variety of environments. In contrast to the slew of application performance management platforms in the industry, AppFormix focuses on understanding how infrastructure components differentially consume applications and data feeds. The AppFormix platform identifies and ameliorates resource contention and resource bottlenecks amongst infrastructure components in addition to automating changes to the provisioning and configuration of infrastructure based on their utilization of underlying applications. Designed with a view toward understanding the real-time performance of applications within cloud-based environments, the AppFormix platform facilitates the development and management of an agile cloud that optimizes the deployment of infrastructure components within the larger context of the applications with which they are used. AppFormix claims particular relevance to cloud infrastructures given their use of shared infrastructure and the concomitant need for developers to obtain real-time insight into the status of infrastructure utilization. AppFormix integrates with OpenStack, Kubernetes, Mesos, Docker containers and is currently available in Beta for Linux and Windows operating systems. Today, AppFormix also announces the finalization of $7M in Series A funding from venture capital firm August Capital.

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