DataTorrent Open Sources The Core Engine For Its Big Data Analytics Platform

On June 5, Big Data analytics vendor DataTorrent announced that it will be open sourcing the DataTorrent RTS platform under an Apache 2.0 license as Project Apex. In addition, DataTorrent released DataTorrent RTS 3 marked by advanced data visualization and graphical user interface-based data analysis capabilities. DataTorrent RTS 3 contains a free, Community Edition in addition to a Standard Edition as well as an Enterprise Edition. Project Apex constitutes a highly significant moment in the history of big analytics platforms because it represents the first open source platform for streaming and batch big data, alike. By open sourcing Project Apex, DataTorrent positions itself within the same open source landscape as Apache Spark and Apache Storm and thereby stands to differentiate itself by way of its production-grade ability to operate on Hadoop as well as its rich analytics GUI and data visualization platform, available within its paid editions. Moreover, the decision to open source the DataTorrent core engine promises to render the DataTorrent platform more accessible to more developers and organizations that are interested in the platform’s in-memory performance and scalability alongside the ease of its visual interface for deriving actionable business intelligence from massive amounts of real-time streaming and batch Big Data.

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