Arkin Raises $15M For Platform That Delivers Enhanced Visibility Into Software Defined Data Centers

Pune and Mountain View-based Arkin recently announced the general availability of a platform that delivers visibility to software-defined datacenters and converged infrastructures. The Arkin platform’s Google search-like interface enables organizations to obtain enhanced visibility into software-defined, virtualized and non-virtual, physical infrastructures by way of analytics that aim to simplify datacenter operations. The platform responds to an intensified industry need to understand relationships between compute, storage and networking as well as the intersection of virtualized and physical infrastructures. The platform also boasts collaboration functionality that empowers a diverse range of IT stakeholders to communicate with one another regarding their findings about the performance and behavior of an IT infrastructure. Arkin’s collaboration interface, for example, enables networking engineers to annotate and receive feedback on their observations from the engineers responsible for provisioning and monitoring physical and virtualized servers. The graphic below illustrates the Google search-like interface of the Arkin platform for software defined datacenters:

As the screenshot illustrates, the Arkin dashboard gives users centralized access to details regarding their deployment such as events, flows and security groups. Moreover, customers can search historical events in an effort to understand whether a specific attribute of their software-defined datacenter represents typical or aberrant behavior. Arkin also announces the finalization of $15M in Series B funding led by Nexus Venture Partners. The capital raise validates Arkin’s early success in the space devoted to analytics for software-defined datacenters. As software-defined datacenters and converged infrastructures proliferate, expect Arkin to continue consolidating on its early traction by delivering an unprecedented degree of visibility into software-defined operations specific to the intersection between virtualized and non-virtual infrastructures.

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