CloudBolt Releases Enhanced Platform For Multi-Cloud Management And Self-Service IT Automation

CloudBolt Software today announced new self-service and automation features for its IT automation platform. The enhancements enable CloudBolt to deliver self-service IT automation for constituencies within an enterprise such as lines of business, departments or cross-functional teams. By using the CloudBolt platform, companies can empower teams to customize IT automation deployments for select infrastructures and applications. Lines of business, for example, can leverage CloudBolt to implement DevOps and orchestration functionality that corresponds to the needs of their own end-users. By bringing differentiated degrees of IT automation to the enterprise, CloudBolt responds to the problem of homogeneity in enterprise IT that leads to inefficiencies associated with a one size fits all approach. The platform’s unique ability to deliver DevOps, IT automation and role-based access control to the enterprise is illustrated by the graphic below:

As the graphic illustrates, CloudBolt integrates with VMware, OpenStack, AWS, Azure, Infoblox, Puppet and Chef and thereby supports the management of private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Moreover, the platform supports IT automation as delivered by a centralized system administrator in addition to multiple, self-service end-users that are empowered to automate the provisioning of infrastructure and applications as dictated by the privileges accorded to their role within the organization. Today’s announcement marks the release of a service catalogue that enhances the ability of customers to find and deploy technologies of interest. In addition, the platform features enhanced deployment options for IT administrators both with respect to role-based access as well as enriched DevOps functionality. CloudBolt’s decision to leverage existing IT automation frameworks such as Chef and Puppet within the context of a larger IT automation platform represents a unique solution to the problem of IT sprawl within large enterprises by empowering constituents to more effectively manage their infrastructure and applications. Recently deployed by the London Borough of Camden to optimize performance and minimize costs, the CloudBolt platform stands poised to build on its early traction amongst enterprises whose IT environment features a heterogeneous assemblage of legacy applications and newer, cutting-edge technologies.

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