ObserveIT Launches CloudThreat For AWS For User Activity Monitoring And Analytics

ObserveIT today announced the launch of ObserveIT CloudThreat for Amazon Web Services (AWS), a free IT security solution that delivers analytics on user activity and behavior. ObserveIT’s CloudThreat for Amazon Web Services protects hosted environments against unauthorized user behavior by proactively identifying unusual user behavior on the part of hackers or malicious code that has been introduced to a specific AWS hosted environment. Deployed as a “lightweight agent” on Amazon Linux AMIs, ObserveIT CloudThreat for AWS integrates with Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon’s proprietary cloud and network monitoring solution by means of web services APIs. CloudThreat enables customers to augment the security of their AWS deployments by leveraging the product’s deep analytics regarding user activity, audit trails of actions performed within a specific infrastructure and attention to the implementation and evolution of role based control, particularly in cases where a user arrogates administrative privileges to themselves in ways that may be suggestive of pernicious threats to the infrastructure. ObserveIT CloudThreat for Amazon Web Services is available on the AWS marketplace.

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