StackStorm’s Event-Driven Automation Software Now Supports Microsoft Azure

StackStorm today announced that StackStorm customers can integrate the automation of operations into Windows Server and Microsoft Azure, thereby extending the company’s event driven automation functionality to Microsoft infrastructures that include Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Blob Storage. By taking advantage of StackStorm’s event-driven automation software, organizations can automate their Windows Server and Azure services in ways that deliver integrated automation for the entire infrastructure as opposed to heterogeneous assemblages of command line automation. Moreover, StackStorm’s support of the the re-use of existing PowerShell-based scripts and automation means customers can look forward to an expedited deployment of event-driven automation that leverages their existing automation framework, without the need for extensive rework of their automation scripts and tools. In addition to today’s news regarding StackStorm’s capability to deliver operations automation into Windows Server and Microsoft Azure infrastructures, StackStorm announces its availability on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a certified solution. StackStorm now supports Amazon Web Services, OpenStack and Microsoft Azure and has recently partnered with Rackspace to automate scaling and continuous integration.

Given that StackStorm’s event-driven automation software enables organizations to automate operations across multiple infrastructures such as public and private clouds, the platform enables the implementation of event driven automation as if it spans one larger entity with heterogeneous constituent components. Moreover, because StackStorm specializes in event driven automation, customers need no longer focus on orchestration-related workflows in conjunction with other rule-based parameters and scripts, but can otherwise rely on data-driven analytics to optimize and iteratively refine automation in relation to designated events. Furthermore, StackStorm’s support of a variety of vendors means that customers can take advantage of one event-driven automation platform to manage deployments from multiple vendors in cases where workloads have been variously assigned to different vendors to optimize performance and cost or to avoid vendor lock-in. In all, today’s announcement about StackStorm’s support for Microsoft Azure represents a key step toward consolidating its early traction within the event-driven automation space, particularly in the context of the advanced requirements for automation specific to hybrid cloud infrastructures.

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