Sponsored Post: Eltima Software Releases FlexiHub that enables sharing, accessing and managing remote USB devices over network

Eltima Software presents a new product – FlexiHub. This innovative solution allows users to share, access and manage remote USB devices via Internet/LAN

Eltima, a leading developer of USB sharing solutions for over 10 years, releases a new product – FlexHub, an innovative software that allows access and management of remote USB devices via Internet.

Our solution works as a control panel for all USB devices connected to computers in a network, a single application to manage numerous USB ports and devices.

FlexiHub enables real time access to any USB device in a network, no matter where it actually is – in the office next door, in the neighboring state or across the globe. Disconnecting from the device is as easy as connecting to it – all it takes is a couple of clicks.

Benefits offered by FlexiHub technology:

  • Exclusive Technology of USB Sharing

FlexiHub uses unique mechanisms of sharing USB devices over Internet or LAN, so that the devices can be accessed and managed from remote machines. Now you can access a USB dongle plugged into your home PC from your office laptop or connect to a USB device shared by your colleagues for remote debugging.

  • Absolutely Secure Connection

FlexiHub deploys advanced security for communications – 256-bit SSL encryption. It enables extra layer of protection for data transfer, so you do not need to worry about losing your data while using USB devices remotely.

–   Private Communication Server

Since FlexiHub can send traffic through its own Redirection Server, your computers do not necessarily need a real IP address. Though your local computer will not directly “see” the other computer with the USB device plugged into it, FlexiHub still enables you to connect to the device remotely and use it.

  • Traffic Compression

Traffic compression during USB data transfer helps speed up interaction with certain types of USB devices and reduce Internet traffic usage. This comes handy when you use USB devices that transfer data in uncompressed format, e.g. scanners. You can choose between best speed and best size traffic compression depending on your needs.

For further details visit http://www.flexihub.com/.

FlexiHub pricing:

FlexiHub is available in 4 subscription plans: free, basic, professional and business. For details see http://www.flexihub.com/prices/.

FlexiHub is available for download here – http://www.flexihub.com/download/flexihub.exe

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