Watershed Release Of MongoDB 3.0 Features Dramatic Improvements In Performance And Scalability

On February 3, MongoDB announced the release of MongoDB 3.0, the most significant release of MongoDB in the company’s history. The release features a fundamental rearchitecting of the database marked by the addition of a pluggable storage engine API that allows for additional storage engines. Last year’s acquisition WiredTiger constitutes one of the storage engines that highlight this release by delivering write performance improvements of 7-10x and 60 to 80% improvements in compression. MongoDB 3.0 includes a storage engine designed for read-intensive applications, one for write-intensive applications and an in-memory storage engine. As such, the newly enhanced MongoDB platform allows for the optimization of the database platform for different workloads and use cases while using a unified data model and operations interface.

Charity Majors, Production Engineering Manager at Parse (Facebook), remarked on the significance of the MongoDB 3.0 release as follows:

We at Parse and Facebook are incredibly excited for the 3.0 release of MongoDB. The storage API opens the door for MongoDB to leverage write-optimized storage engines, improved compression and memory usage, and other aspects of cutting edge modern database engines.

As Majors notes, the re-architecting of MongoDB expands the range of use cases that MongoDB can handle by rendering it more suitable for applications that require the writing of data. MongoDB 3.0 also boasts marked improvements in performance and scalability because of its redesigned storage architecture. This release additionally features the introduction of Ops Manager, an application that enables customers to deploy, monitor and update MongoDB deployments. Ops Manager integrates with well known monitoring tools such as AppDynamics, New Relic and Docker and stands to reduce the operational overhead of MongoDB deployments by automating routine tasks into one-click, push button functionality. Overall, MongoDB 3.0 represents a watershed moment in the development of MongoDB as evinced by its ability to embrace a variety of application workloads and use cases alongside a massively improved level of performance and scalability.

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