Vormetric Introduces Tokenization And Data Masking Solution To Its Data Security Platform

Today, data security solution provider Vormetric announces the release of Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking on the Vormetric Data Security Platform. Vormetric Tokenization enables the protection of sensitive data by creating a bridge between sensitive data and a randomly generated data point that substitutes for the original data. For example, Vormetric Tokenization allows customers that process credit cards to create a proxy data point with a 1-1 correspondence to each credit number received in transactional data processing. Customers can use the proxy data point to mask the original credit number and thereby reduce the risk of credit fraud. The keys to the castle that allow customers to decode the link between the tokenized, proxy data and the original data are kept in the Vormetric platform’s Token Vault that enjoys multiple layers of protection and data security. By centralizing access to the bridge between sensitive data and deidentified data via its Token Vault, Vormetric’s Tokenization and Data Masking solution reduces the scope of compliance-related audits. As a result, Vormetric’s Tokenization solution saves organizations the operational cost of ensuring the entire IT infrastructure responsible for processing sensitive data achieves compliance standards by shrinking the target area for the audit to the Token Vault. In all, Vormetric’s Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking product complements its existing Vormetric Transparent Encryption solution for the protection of data at rest as well as its Application Encryption solution for implementing encryption at the level of an entire application or library of applications. As such, the tokenization solution strengthens Vormetric’s portfolio of offerings for ensuring the security of data at rest and consolidates Vormetric’s leadership in the data security space related to protecting the security of data at rest in on premise, cloud and Big Data environments.

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