Amazon Promises To Detail “Other” Category In Earnings Reports And Reveal AWS Earnings Later In 2015

Today, in its fourth quarter earnings call, Amazon announced that Amazon Web Services claims more than one million active customers featuring year over year usage growth of the AWS platform by 90%. Moreover, in 2014, AWS rolled out 515 feature and service releases, or 80% more than the previous year. The most recent quarter also featured the release of AWS Lambda, a service that runs code in response to events driven by Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon DynamoDB. During the same period, AWS also announced the Amazon EC2 Container Service and Amazon Aurora, a MySQL-compatible relational database for Amazon RDS that boasts performance improvements over MySQL by a factor as much as five at a price point of one tenth of the cost of commercial relational database products. Importantly, Amazon announced that it will finally reveal details of AWS earnings later in 2015, which are currently bucketed into the “Other” category in Amazon’s earnings reports and subsequently leave the exact figure open to endless amounts of analyst speculation and inference. Revenue in Amazon’s “Other” category for the most recent quarter was $1.67B, although that figure includes advertising and credit-card related revenues.

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