Amazon Zocalo Adds Sync Functionality For Shared Folders

On December 23, Amazon Zocalo announced an enhancement to its collaboration platform by providing customers with the ability to sync content within shared folders. Customers use the shared folder sync feature by setting up shared folders for designated projects and teams and subsequently enabling the synchronization of those folders for all requisite team members. Users can activate Zocalo’s sync functionality during the set up and registration process by checking the “Enable Shared Folder Sync” box or visiting “Preferences” and doing the same. Amazon’s latest enhancement of its Zocalo platform illustrates its seriousness in tackling the market for enterprise-grade collaboration, file sharing and cloud storage products. That said, Amazon has its work cut out for it if it really intends to disrupt the collaboration and storage space, particularly given that competitors such as Box, Dropbox and Huddle deliver products with advanced security functionality in addition to the ability to configure corporate teams and third parties as collaborative parties. Nevertheless, Zocalo represents a notable feather in Amazon’s cap as it continues to diversify its product suite while staying true to its larger vision of delivering fully managed cloud-based products and services.

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