Microsoft Azure Adds PlayReady Encryption Technology For Live Streaming Content On Azure Media Services

Two months after Microsoft Azure (Azure) introduced Live Streaming functionality to Azure Media Services, Azure announced the addition of PlayReady encryption technology to protect live streaming and video-on-demand content. The availability of Microsoft PlayReady for Azure’s Live Streaming product allows Azure customers to deliver enterprise-grade encryption technology to the “same Live Streaming solution that seamlessly delivered the 2014 Winter Olympics and 2014 FIFA World Cup.” Microsoft PlayReady complements its AES dynamic encryption for live streaming by delivering encryption that supports a variety of devices including set-top boxes such as Apple TV, Roku and Google Chromecast, mobile devices and PCs. Azure Media Service customers can differentially combine PlayReady encryption and AES dynamic encryption streaming protocols such as Http-live-streaming (HLS), Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH. Moreover, PlayReady’s technology enables customers to set restrictions around the time period within which the content can be viewed. In all, the availability of PlayReady encryption technology for live streams and video on demand content on the Azure Media Services platform gives Azure yet another feather in its cap as the battle for product differentiation between and amongst major cloud players such as Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google evolves. Microsoft PlayReady for Live Streaming protects customers against content piracy and strongly positions Azure Media Services to add to an impressive roster of customers that already includes NBC Sports, BlinkBox and Tesco.

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