Axcient Releases Latest Version Of Axcient Business Recovery Cloud

Last week, Axcient recently announced the release of the latest version of its Axicent Business Recovery Cloud marked by faster replication and recovery times for its cloud-based Recovery as a Service platform. The Axcient Business Recovery Cloud now features the ability to migrate or recover physical servers as virtual machines in addition to drag and drop functionality that empowers customers to transfer large numbers of files and folders using Windows Explorer. Axcient’s integration with Windows Explorer enables customers to search for files and folders within their recovery infrastructure and subsequently transfer them en masse to the target device of their choice. The latest version of the Axcient Business Recovery Cloud also supports the ability to instantly recover a snapshot of an infrastructure from any point in time in addition to the most recent version. Moreover, advancements in Axcient’s data replication algorithm mean that replication occurs three times faster than before, enabling shorter RPO times and an enhanced ability to maintain copies of recent data and image versions. The enhancements collectively represent a significant upgrade to the Axcient by enhancing the platform’s replication and backup functionality while concurrently enriching the product’s search and recovery functionality. With this release, Axcient continues to disrupt the economics and operational agility of cloud-based recovery and consolidate its leadership position within the Recovery as a Service space.

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