Dropbox Launches API For Dropbox For Business

On Wednesday, roughly a year after Dropbox launched Dropbox for Business, Dropbox announced a Dropbox for Business API which allows third party applications to integrate with the Dropbox application. Examples of third party applications that integrate with Dropbox for Business through the Dropbox for Business API include Splunk, which provides machine data analytics on Dropbox usage and Data Loss Prevention applications such as CirroSecure, CloudLock, Elastica, Netskope, and Skyhigh Networks that additionally deliver auditing and compliance functionality. Other applications that integrate with Dropbox for Business via its API include Centrify, Meldium, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, and Ping Identity for identity management and single sign-on functionality as well as ediscovery and legal applications such as Guidance and Nuix. The new API takes Dropbox for Business to a new level by enabling the product to live up to the stringent and varied requirements of IT protocols related to corporate compliance and information security. Moreover, the recently released API stands to catapult Dropbox’s market share amongst enterprise customers by facilitating the integrations required by different industries and organizations to ensure that Dropbox usage conforms to their larger IT strategy and policy. Today, roughly 100,000 companies use Dropbox for Business including Hyatt, News Corp and MIT. While the Dropbox API represents a key step forward for Dropbox with respect to its battle to carve out greater enterprise market share, the enterprise content management and collaboration space remains highly competitive and features the likes of Box, Redbooth and Huddle.

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