Interconnection Company IIX Announces Support For Google Cloud Platform

Interconnection company IIX Inc. today announced the addition of Google Cloud Platform to its infrastructure. As a result of its partnership with the Google Cloud Platform, IIX will offer its customers access to Google Cloud Platform in 20 markets including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, London, Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt via Google Cloud Interconnect. The addition of Google Cloud Platform to IIX’s interconnection ecosystem means that IIX customers can enjoy high performance, low latency connections to the Google Cloud Platform that bypass the public internet. Moreover, IIX customers can now create Google Cloud Platform-based deployments in multiple geographies that benefit from the enhanced security and low latency specific to the dedicated, secure, software-defined connection delivered by IIX. IIX Inc.’s announcement of its support for Google Cloud Platform comes in tandem with the news of its announcement of former Red Hat executive Paul Gampe as CTO. Gampe adds to an impressive roster of executive leadership talent at IIX that includes board member Phil Koen, who was formerly CEO of Savvis and President and COO of Equinix. IIX’s announcement of its support for Google Cloud Platform marks an important moment in its evolution. Expect IIX to add to its roster of major IaaS vendors in upcoming months as the Mountain View-based company attempts to compete with companies such as Equinix, Level 3 Communications, AT&T and Verizon in a steadily exploding space that welcomes new entrants and upstarts given the urgency of enterprise concerns about cloud, network and datacenter security.

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