Equinix Announces Support For Google Cloud Platform On Equinix Cloud Exchange

Equinix today announces the availability of the Google Cloud Platform via its Equinix Cloud Exchange platform. As a result of its partnership with the Google Cloud Platform, Equinix will have the ability to offer its customers dedicated connections to the Google Cloud Platform characterized by high performance and low latency connections that bypass the public internet. The Equinix Cloud Exchange product will render the Google Cloud Platform available in 15 markets worldwide and thereby give enterprise customers the flexibility to deploy the Google Cloud Platform in multiple geographies in conjunction with Equinix’s other IaaS partners, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. As such, the Equinix Cloud Exchange gives customers the ability to quickly deploy combinations of AWS, Azure and GCP in multiple geographies and use combinations of the three most popular public cloud environments to differentially support discrete workloads in their production and test environments. Equinix will offer a 10 GB connection to the Google Cloud Platform in conjunction with bursting functionality. In all, today’s announcement continues to strengthen Equinix’s position in the colocation space for public clouds by giving its customers an enviable degree of flexibility with regard to choices of public clouds for different workloads. As cloud adoption continues to accelerate, expect Equinix’s Cloud Exchange to continue gathering momentum particularly given its ability to support Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Microsoft Azure all over the world.

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