Palerra Comes Out Of Stealth To Proactively Manage Cloud Security With Advanced Analytics

Palerra, formely known as Appirity, launches from stealth today and releases its cloud security platform, LORIC. Whereas cloud security has traditionally involved defensive tactics aimed at stopping specific types of threats to an IT infrastructure or application, LORIC delivers predictive analytics and proactive threat detection aimed at proactively identifying and mitigating threats before they escalate or even materialize. LORIC’s proprietary advanced analytics enable the identification of deviations from steady state, baseline parameters that suggest the possibility of a security breach or emerging threat. The platform’s predictive analytics subsequently delve deeper into anomalous infrastructure and application behavior to determine whether the aberration in question represents a local, episodic variation from the norm or a symptom of a more serious security violation. LORIC supplements its back-end analytics platform with rich data visualization as illustrated below:

The graphic above shows spikes in failed logins on select dates that empower LORIC customers to perform a more thorough into its root causes as deemed appropriate. Rohit Gupta, founder and CEO of Palerra, remarked on the innovation of LORIC within the cloud automation space as follows:

With LORIC, we have created an intelligent, automated threat avoidance system that not only learns behavior in order to beat threats to the punch, it also automatically remediates them through a systematic approach with no action needed by IT. By combining security and incident response automation into a single platform, Palerra enables enterprises to securely embrace the cloud.

Here, Gupta remarks on LORIC’s ability to remediate threats without manual intervention in ways that leverage machine learning to iteratively deliver more nuanced threat analysis. Deployed as a SaaS solution, LORIC performs unobtrusive threat detection and remediation by means of advanced analytics whose efficacy increases as the platform accumulates progressively more historical data. The platform illustrates how organizations with cloud deployments can reap the benefits of predictive analytics for the automation of threat detection and incident response as well as the ability to leverage big data analytics to proactively ensure the security of a cloud infrastructure.

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