Cloudyn Announces General Availability Of Cloud Cost Tracking Tool

Today, cloud monitoring vendor Cloudyn announces the general availability of Cost Allocation 360, a tool that enables granular tracking of cloud-related costs. Cloudyn’s Cost Allocation 360° enables IT administrators to decompose cloud-related expenses by components such as the application, business unit, user group, product or sales region. Cost Allocation 360’s Tag Manager enables customers to tag infrastructure components as related to analytic dimensions of interest for subsequent use in cost-related reporting and trend analytics. As such, Cost Allocation 360° enables an unprecedented degree of visibility into the drivers behind cloud-related expenses and provides the means whereby IT and Finance departments have access to granular reporting that can be used for more accurate intra-departmental billing, and analytics of the relative expense incurred by hosting various products and applications. Cost Allocation 360° also boasts automated tagging of untagged infrastructure and application components and thereby minimizes the degree of manual intervention and upkeep required to keep track of the decomposition of cloud-related costs. Cost Allocation 360° supports public, private and hybrid cloud deployments on Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine and OpenStack-based IaaS infrastructures. The initial rollout of the application lacks the ability to track costs that are shared by infrastructure components such as shared services that leverage the same server, although Cloudyn customers can expect successively nuanced iterations of the tool’s ability to track costs as the tool evolves. Nevertheless, the tool represents a key step forward toward empowering enterprises to more effectively understand cost allocations within their cloud infrastructures and to subsequently tweak their deployment and cloud operational management strategies accordingly.

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