DigitalOcean Partners With Mesosphere To Improve Infrastructure Scalability, Fault Tolerance and Performance

DigitalOcean recently announced a partnership with Mesosphere that will bring Apache Mesos technology to DigitalOcean’s SSD cloud servers. Mesosphere, a San Francisco-based startup, commercializes Apache Mesos technology that enables organizations to manage datacenters as if they are one unit instead of an ecosystem of disparate infrastructure and networking components. Apache Mesos leverages a distributed systems kernel that allows developers to abstract CPU, memory, storage and other compute resources into a single pool that delivers improvements in fault tolerance, scalability, performance and operational simplicity. DigitalOcean customers can now launch Mesosphere from a landing page that enables the provisioning of a Mesosphere cluster. As a result, developers can benefit from the economies of scale specific to Mesosphere technology and subsequently manage thousands of DigitalOcean droplets as if they belong to one entity. DigitalOcean customers interested in using Mesosphere technology can choose from either a development (four instances of 2GB droplets) option, a high availability option (12 instances of 2GB droplets) and a custom installation option. Moreover, the streamlined provisioning process allows customers to take advantage of Mesosphere to manage their virtual private server “droplets” in minutes without struggling through an arduous and complex installation process. The partnership between DigitalOcean and Mesosphere illustrates the increasing prevalence of Apache Mesos as a breakthrough technology for delivering the scalability and performance enjoyed by internet giants such as Facebook, Google and Yahoo to enterprise customers interested in a similar degree of operational simplicity and performance for their own IaaS infrastructures.

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