Salesforce Plans To Release Wave For Cloud Analytics And Data Visualization

Salesforce is set to announce details of Wave, an analytics and business intelligence product which it will formally reveal at its Dreamforce conference this week. Wave provides Salesforces users with data visualization functionality for data stored in Salesforce and elsewhere and, as such, constitutes a crucial addition to the Salesforce portfolio given that it had previously depended on partnerships with business intelligence vendors to enable its customers to run analytics and visualizations of their data. Wave builds on Salesforce’s acquisition of EdgeSpring last year given that EdgeSpring provides “search-indexing capabilities for Wave” as told to Anna Rosenman, Salesforce’s Director of Cloud Analytics, in an interview with VentureBeat. Wave represents a critical addition for Salesforce and promises to change the landscape of Customer Relationship Management platforms (CRM) loaded with analytics tools by revitalizing the ability of Salesforce to play in the hotly contested space of analytics and data visualization. The Wave mobile app for Apple iOS will be available this week as Salesforce reinvents in recognition of the ascendancy of cloud-based predictive analytics, data visualization and machine learning platforms.

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