Axcient Acquires Granular Recovery Technology Vendor DirectRestore

Recovery as a service vendor Axcient announced the acquisition of DirectRestore LLC on Tuesday, September 16. DirectRestore specializes in granular recovery technology that enables customers to perform granular recovery from file and image-based backups. More specifically, DirectRestore’s technology facilitates granular recovery from applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint and SQL Server. Axcient’s acquisition of DirectRestore promises to complement its cloud-based recovery as a service platform by enriching its functionality with respect to granular recovery such as the recovery of individual files and objects. In addition, the DirectRestore acquisition will expand Axcient’s research and development team by 30% as noted in the company’s blog post announcing the news. Axcient was in the midst of developing its own, proprietary granular recovery technology when it learned of DirectRestore’s technology according to MSPmentor. Axcient CEO Justin Moore elaborated on the decision to acquire DirectRestore as follows:

We were blown away by how advanced it was and how seamless we could integrate it into our core solution and merge it with our code-base. However, since controlling the technology and having a fully integrated solution has always been a part of our mission as it allows us to develop more rapidly control our roadmap and service our partners and customers better, we knew we had to acquire the company or continue building the product ourselves.

Moore remarks on the ease of DirectRestore’s integration into its technology and Axcient’s concomitant ability to control the development of its technology and product roadmap. Axcient now delivers cloud-based backup and recovery services in conjunction with granular restoration functionality that reinforces the ability of its platform to disrupt the economics and operational agility of contemporary backup and recovery products and services. The acquisition suggests impressive market traction on Axcient’s part in addition to continued product maturation and differentiation that sets it apart from other vendors in the cloud backup and recovery space. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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