Netskope Partners With Box To Standardize Box As Cloud Storage And Collaboration Platform

Today, Netskope announced a partnership with Box that enables IT administrators to standardize cloud-based storage on the Box storage and file-sharing infrastructure. Netskope, a cloud application analytics and policy enforcement vendor, detects all cloud-based applications within a customer’s infrastructure and delivers automated messages that guide users away from the usage of unauthorized storage and collaboration applications, toward Box. Netskope’s partnership with Box illustrates its capabilities with respect to the problem of unauthorized cloud-based applications in enterprise IT environments. Netskope’s core product offering involves its ability to run real-time analytics on application usage and identify real or potential security breaches as exemplified by anomalous user or application behavior. The Netskope platform also allows customers to define, implement and administer policies related to the usage of cloud applications in ways that enable IT administrators to seamlessly implement the same policy for a group of applications instead of implementing policies and procedures for applications individually. Netskope’s partnership with Box strengthens Box’s positioning in the enterprise cloud storage and file-sharing space by simplifying customer standardization on the Box platform. Conversely, the platform vaults the positioning of Netskope given the prominence of the Box platform as a popular platform for collaboration and storage. By extending today’s announcement to other applications within the Box ecosystem such as Jive, Marketo, Yammer, SlideShark and DocuSign, Netskope underscores the utility of streamlined policy management for cloud-based applications and indicates that the IT policy management space is likely to witness a proliferation of similar partnerships as the heterogeneity of cloud applications demands more automation with respect to cloud application management and security enforcement.

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