Splunk App For Stream Captures Wire Data Featuring Use Cases For Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

Splunk recently announced the general availability of the Splunk App for Stream, an app that delivers a software-based solution for the capture of real-time streaming wire data. Defined as data transmitted between networked infrastructure components, wire data has the potential to deliver insights about performance, security and IT operations. The Splunk App for Stream represents the first product that Splunk has released as a result of its acquisition of CloudMeter last December. Unlike appliances, the app constitutes a non-intrusive solution that boasts greater ease of deployment than other hardware-based approaches toward the collection of wire data. Moreover, the solution claims particular import for the monitoring of data from cloud environments as noted below by Leena Joshi, Splunk’s senior director of solutions marketing:

Unlike traditional and appliance-based solutions, which are difficult to deploy, especially in public cloud infrastructures, the Splunk App for Stream enables customers to gain immediate wire data access on-premises or in public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructures. It opens up for our customers a whole new class of data sets to provide continuous IT, security and business insights.

Customers can implement filters and aggregation parameters on incoming data in order to understand details of “transaction response times, transaction traces, transaction paths and network performance.” The Splunk App for Stream additionally enables customers to understand correlations between application performance and infrastructure data. Wire data can be used in conjunction with other application management tools without disruptions to the application or modifications of application logs. The point worth noting is that the Splunk App for Stream provides yet another tool for cloud administrators to understand infrastructure and application performance that focuses on data transmitted between networking components. The app’s ability to collect wire data from virtual machines in public clouds gives IT administrators visibility into public cloud deployments that complements the performance monitoring software provided by the cloud vendor itself. Cloud adopters can selectively leverage the app for performance management or security and fraud use cases as dictated by their needs. Overall, Splunk App for Stream punctuates and enhances Splunk’s positioning in the cloud monitoring space and sets the stage for Splunk to release more products derived from its Cloudmeter acquisition.

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