Sponsored Post: The Misadventures of Cloud Computing: When Reliability Matters

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When Reliability Matters

We love funny cat pictures just as much as the next person- and our family vacation albums are among our most valued possessions- but those are personal priorities. We generally think about business priorities in a different light, with minimal overlap with the likes of Mr. Whiskers. Keeping personal and business priorities largely separate is a natural and understandable inclination. Given that, why should your cloud service provider be any different?

The consumer cloud works exceptionally well for just that – consumers. But when it comes to the enterprise, a cloud solution is about much more than just data storage. It’s about what you are storing and how you are using it. It’s about backup reliability and business continuity. The lack of adequate security or an ERM strategy with continuous threat monitoring results in consequences far greater than data loss for an Enterprise. It can seriously impact customers and have a direct impact on corporate welfare. Simply put, enterprise-class data and information needs an enterprise-class cloud infrastructure to support and protect it.

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