Box Acquires Streem To Stream Files From Cloud To Local Devices

This week, Box acquired Streem, creator of StreamFS, a file sharing system that allow users to access cloud-based files as if they were natively attached to their desktop infrastructure by means of its streaming technology. StreamFS enables users to stream the cloud-based version of the file in question to their end user device without keeping a local copy of the file on their desktop. Users can stream files dynamically on their machine as if the requisite file belonged to a natively attached storage infrastructure instead of from a cloud-deployment. As a result, users can enjoy the storage, collaboration and backup and retention benefits of a cloud-based deployment without the challenge of transferring cloud-based files to their local infrastructure and subsequently synchronizing files across the local and cloud platforms.

Box CEO Aaron Levie commented on the significance of Y-Combinator backed Streem in a blog post as follows:

Streem has developed amazing technology that allows you to mount a cloud drive onto your computer — making documents, presentations, videos and files available to you without the limitations of your local hard-disk, effectively turning the cloud into an “unlimited” drive. Rather than files living directly on your computer’s disk, they are instead securely “streamed” to you on demand when you need to interact with them. And to further optimize the experience and support low-bandwidth environments, Streem has developed enhanced video and media streaming technology to ensure content is accessible from the cloud as fast as it is locally.

Here, Levie elaborates on how Streem’s technology enables users “to mount a cloud drive onto your computer” that subsequently makes available repositories of files available, on demand, via its streaming technology. Moreover, Streem’s technology optimizes the delivery of media content in conjunction with the bandwidth constraints and media viewing applications of the user. Levie went onto note that:

For customers across data-intensive industries like Media & Entertainment, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, and Manufacturing, this means instant access to far larger volumes of data than what your local drives can support. For enterprises in regulated industries like Life Sciences and Financial Services, it means better protection and control of information and where it lives.

Levie underscores how Box’s acquisition of Streem gives customers streamlined access to larger volumes of data while concurrently maintaining high standards for data security and compliance. Box’s acquisition of Streem positions it to serve the needs of enterprise customers that are more accustomed to using local data infrastructures as opposed to cloud-deployments because Streem delivers an end-user experience that corresponds to the local storage platforms that continue to dominate enterprise IT. As a result of the acquisition, Streem’s team of four will join the Box team to begin the process of integrating Streem’s platform with Box’s technology. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed although, according to TechCrunch, Box mentioned that the purchase was completed through a combination of cash and stock.

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