IT Automation Vendor Puppet Labs Raises $40M In Series E Funding Round

IT automation vendor Puppet Labs recently announced the finalization of a $40M capital raise in a round led by existing investors Cisco, Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Triangle Peak Partners, True Ventures and VMware. Puppet Labs intends to use the funding to expand its team, accelerate product development and fuel the expansion of the company’s global presence. Puppet’s CEO Luke Kanies remarked on the company’s latest funding raise by reflecting on the comapny’s history in a blog post as follows:

When I started this company, I wanted to bring the best IT tools and practices to the entire market, so sysadmins wouldn’t have to manage servers with one-off, fragile scripts, or be routinely woken by 3:00 a.m. pager calls, and so companies wouldn’t have to invest massive amounts of cash in bespoke solutions. Over the past nine years, our customers have realized great benefit from our efforts: Puppet is used today to manage everything from development environments in early-stage startups to massive data centers at Google, CERN, international trading houses and thousands of other diverse organizations. This trend will continue to grow. Puppet is managing more and more of the data center — including network infrastructure — and we’re already seeing Puppet at work in the internet of things. It’s only going to expand from there.

Here, Kanies remarks on Puppet’s trajectory from a startup that sought to bring best practices to the IT industry via automation to its current position as a vendor that streamlines and simplifies datacenter and networking operations for some of the largest IT infrastructures in the world. Puppet stands at the forefront of the IT automation space and expects that the recent round of funding will enable it to grow the number of organizations it has helped from 18,000 to something even more significant, quickly. This week’s investment brings the total capital raised by Puppet Labs to $86M. That its most recent round was led by existing investors speaks volumes about the company’s growth and the confidence had by its investors that the company stands to continue its upward trajectory with bravura and speed. Expect to hear more news from Puppet in subsequent months as it builds out a global team, expands its range of strategic partnerships and accelerates the purview of its IT automation offerings, including, as Kanies remarked, automation technologies related to the internet of things.

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