GoGrid Joins Equinix Cloud Exchange

Equinix today announced that cloud provider GoGrid is now a participant in the Equinix Cloud Exchange, the service that enables customers to access cloud providers by means of a secure, direct internet connection that bypasses the public internet. By participating in the Equinix Cloud Exchange, GoGrid can offer customers faster, more secure connections to its cloud and Big Data solutions. The Equinix Cloud Exchange represents a particularly valuable addition to GoGrid’s deployment offerings because the speed and performance of the resultant connections enhances the ability to move Big Data based on platforms such as Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, Riak and HBase from one infrastructure to another. As a result of the collaboration, GoGrid will connect its Cloud Bridge product offering, that delivers connectivity from customer datacenters to the GoGrid cloud, to the Equinix Cloud Exchange. Currently, GoGrid’s connection to the Equinix Cloud Exchange takes place by way of Equinix’s datacenter in Ashburn, VA, although it plans to extend its participation in the Equinix Cloud Exchange to Europe. The Equinix Cloud Exchange now boasts the participation of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Level 3 Communications, tw telecom and GoGrid. Assuming it can continue to sign up customers at an impressive clip, the Equinix Cloud Exchange promises to disrupt the cloud computing landscape by delivering an alternative networking infrastructure to the public internet marked by enhanced speed, security, performance and reliability.

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