BMC Hadoop Management Product Supports Hortonworks Data Platform

BMC Software and Hortonworks recently announced a partnership whereby BMC’s Control-M for Hadoop platform now supports the Hortonworks Data Platform. The BMC Control-M for Hadoop platform streamlines the creation of Big Data workflows, automates Hadoop batch processing and accelerates Hadoop integration into a pre-existing data infrastructure. The partnership between BMC Software and Hortonworks puts BMC’s weight squarely behind the Hortonworks Data Platform while concomitantly highlighting the Big Data management capabilities of the BMC Control-M for Hadoop data management platform. As such, the collaboration serves to extend adoption of the Hortonworks Hadoop distribution to BMC’s customers in addition to giving BMC the credibility associated with a technology partnership with one of the industry’s premier Hadoop vendors. Tuesday’s announcement underscores the rising fortunes of Hortonworks, which recently completed the acquisition of XA Secure with a view to delivering a comprehensive Hadoop security solution that it plans to open source in the latter half of 2014. Meanwhile, the BMC-Hortonworks partnership additionally emphasizes the emerging market for Big Data management platforms that simplify or streamline the development and management of Hadoop applications and datasets.

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