PepperData Raises $5M For Enhanced Application Performance On Hadoop

PepperData, a San Francisco-based Big Data startup, recently announced the finalization of $5M in Series A funding in a round led Signia Venture Partners and the Webb Investment Network. The funding will be used to accelerate the company’s product development as well as to expand its sales and marketing operations. Led by former executives from Microsoft and Yahoo, PepperData specializes in enhancing the ability of Hadoop clusters to run multiple applications concurrently. The PepperData platform addresses the problem whereby Hadoop clusters that contain more than one application run the risk of allowing one job or application to monopolize the cluster. PepperData’s technology optimizes application performance within a Hadoop cluster by monitoring resource usage across applications and recalibrating resource allocations to ensure that jobs complete in a timely fashion. As such, PepperData enables more effective utilization of resources, enhanced performance for Hadoop-based applications and increased visibility regarding application performance in a Hadoop cluster.

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