CipherCloud Releases Cloud Discovery To Enable Enterprises To Detect Cloud Application Usage

This week, CipherCloud announced the availability of Cloud Discovery, a product that gives enterprises insight into the set of cloud applications used by their employees. In addition to enumerating the cloud applications that employees use, Cloud Discovery provides customers with a risk score associated with each of the cloud applications used by its employees. Based on over 10 variables, the risk score identifies the degree of security associated with each cloud platform toward the end of identifying cloud applications that pose a security threat to the company’s IT infrastructure and data. The screenshot below illustrates a sample Cloud Discovery dashboard as follows:

Conceived as an expansion of its Discover, Protect and Monitor platform, Cloud Discovery constitutes a free product offering from CipherCloud that extends the ability of the “Discover, Protect and Monitor” platform to identify potential security threats before they morph into more significant security breaches. The Discover, Protect and Monitor platform provides customers with analytics that alert them to uses of their platform that may suggest security threats such as aberrant usage patterns as represented by application usage, unusually high data flows or suspicious alterations to existing security protocols and permissions. Cloud Discovery empowers IT administrators to perform early stage analysis of the range of cloud applications used by employees by detecting usage of any applications by means of the analysis of log and machine data in collaboration with Splunk, the machine data analytics company that went public in April 2012. Overall, Cloud Discovery constitutes yet another enhancement and key differentiator for the CipherCloud platform that, as part of its Discover, Protect and Monitor product offering, delivers cloud analytics alongside CipherCloud’s core encryption product. With the release of Cloud Discovery, CipherCloud continues to sharpen its branding and value proposition as an integrated cloud security platform as opposed to a pure encryption play, which renders the company even more appealing for customers and investors, particularly given the intensity of contemporary concerns about potential security breaches associated with using cloud-based service providers and applications.

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