NComputing oneSpace Provides Workspace Solution For Medium-Sized Organizations

NComputing today announced the release of oneSpace, an integrated workspace solution that enables the delivery of bundles of pre-packaged applications and services to a variety of end user devices. The solution responds to the needs of employees in small to mid-size organizations to access their files and applications on the end user device of their choice. Built using NComputing’s vSpace client virtualization platform, NComputing oneSpace exemplifies the company’s commitment to “simplicity, performance and value” by providing a cost-effective way for small to medium sized businesses to solve the problem of securely delivering files and applications to a variety of devices to cater to the needs of mobile employees. As such, NComputing oneSpace responds to the growing bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon in enterprise IT and the corresponding surge in tablet usage in corporate settings. The cloud-based solution allows organizations to deliver applications and files to tablets as illustrated below:

With oneSpace, organizations can deliver Windows, Linux and SaaS applications to tablets, regulate user access to applications and files by way of role based access control rules and provide an environment for accessing on-premise files. In addition, the platform enables users to share files using well known cloud-based applications such as Box and Dropbox. The solution is available by means of “an all-cloud or hybrid cloud deployment model,” according to NComputing’s press release. NComputing is currently available via a private Beta and will progress to a public Beta in the spring of 2014. The release of NComputing’s oneSpace platform illustrates its transition from a thin client vendor to a desktop virtualization platform to a cloud-based workspace solution that, in conjunction with its tablet and vSpace offerings, provide a varied set of IT solutions aimed at mid-sized businesses seeking the combination of value and price. Amidst the stampede of IT product offerings aimed at the enterprise, NComputing’s suite of product offerings are steadily carving out a niche in the IT landscape by building a base of customers through which to battle test a range of cloud and virtualization products that promise to transform the economics of IT delivery.

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