Infochimps Reveals Big Data Adoption Lifecycle Methodology Alongside Its Big Data PaaS

Infochimps today announced a Big Data platform as a service that integrates with existing enterprise IT infrastructures while adding Big Data management and analytic solutions. The Infochimps platform is based on open source, web-scale technologies in addition to a cloud-based deployment structure. One of the unique features of the Infochimps solution is that it gauges the position of customers with respect to Big Data management and subsequently recommends a path toward effectively operationalizing Big Data in conjunction with customer needs. To help customers understand how to realize their Big Data needs, Infochimps complements its Big Data platform as a service with a suite of consulting services designed to guide customers through the Big Data lifecycle. Jim Kaskade, Director of CSC’s open Big Data solutions, commented on the Infochimps methodology as follows:

We’ve defined distinct phases along the Big Data adoption lifecycle where companies fall. We identify our customers’ current state, and then carefully guide them to organization-wide operationalization of Big Data insights.

Infochimps shares the insight previously articulated by Paul Maritz, CEO of Pivotal, that with the exception of companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, few enterprises have come to terms with the project of effectively operationalizing Big Data. In an interview with Raj Dalal of Big Data Insights at Strata 2014, Kaskade claimed that approximately 50% of Big Data initiatives fail due to poorly scoped projects, excessive complexity within the Big Data technology landscape and internal political friction. In response, Infochimps proposes a comprehensive Big Data implementation methodology in addition to its PaaS platform. Details remain scant but we should expect to hear more at Strata and in the coming weeks about the Infochimps methodology for assessing the customer’s current state of Big Data and subsequently designing a programmatic path focused around integrating existing technology stacks with its Big Data PaaS. Infochimps was acquired by CSC in August 2013.


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