Trifacta’s Big Data Transformation Platform Leverages Machine Learning To Streamline Data Analysis

Hot on the heels of its $12M Series B funding in December, Trifacta recently announced the general availability of the Trifacta Data Transformation Platform. Based on its innovative Predictive Interaction™ technology, the Trifacta Data Transformation Platform uses visualization and machine learning to streamline and enrich user-level interactions with Big Data such as the type experienced by data scientists and business analysts. Trifacta’s Predictive Interaction technology features three components: (1) visualization of big data that empowers analysts to specify trends, values or analytics of interest; (2) interaction whereby the analyst responds to the data visualizations; and (3) prediction of the data transformations suggested by user interactions, with corresponding visualizations of the data transformation. The platform’s machine learning capability iteratively responds to user behavior to generate analytics of increasing value and interest. As a result, users can swiftly proceed from a raw, unprocessed archive of big data to incisive analytics and visualizations without the pre-processing, data cleansing and data transformation steps that are typically necessary to obtain deeper insights into about the data in question. The Trifacta Data Transformation Platform enables business analysts without scripting experience to derive nuanced insights about big data and additionally amplifies analyst productivity by means of its unique visualization and machine learning technology platform. Trifacta Customers include Lockheed Martin and Accretive Health, both of which remarked on the way in which the Trifacta Data Transformation Platform accelerates the data analysis lifecycle and streamlines user workflows. Trifacta’s technology is unique in the Big Data industry because of its focus on streamlining and enhancing the end user of big data analysis. Given the ubiquity of data visualization in the industry, much of the platform’s ability to differentiate itself will hinge on the sophistication of its predictive modeling and machine learning capabilities.

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