Redis Cloud Vendor Garantia Data Changes Name To Redis Labs

Garantia Data, distributor of cloud-based, enterprise-grade solutions for Redis and Memcached, recently changed its name to Redis Labs. The name change is intended to more accurately illustrate the company’s commitment to providing Redis-based solutions for the enterprise. News of Garantia Data’s name change to Redis Labs comes hot on the heels of its recent announcement of the availability of the Redis Cloud on IBM’s SoftLayer Dallas platform in addition to its pre-existing partnerships with Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure. In an interview with Cloud Computing Today, Redis Labs CEO Ofer Bengal remarked on the uniqueness of the Redis database platform as follows:

NoSQL databases like Redis are becoming increasingly popular. According to a 451 Research report, Redis adoption is projected to increase from 11.3 percent today to 15.9 percent in 2015. Redis in particular will become a preferred database technology because it is faster than any other database and it has rich data structures – which are very similar to those of today’s high level programming languages. Leading companies like Twitter and Pinterest use Redis, which shows it is highly useful for companies with rapidly growing datasets.

The Redis Cloud delivered by Redis Labs represents a fully managed service that boasts infinite, automated scalability, high availability, integrated data backups and high performance. Redis Labs also offers a managed service for the Memcached Cloud built on Redis technology.

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