Peak, IaaS Provider, Raises $4M To Support “Explosive Demand” For Its Services

Venture capital continues to flow strongly in the IaaS space as evinced by Denver-based Peak’s $4 million capital raise this week. According to VentureBeat, Peak has now raised a total of $13 million. Peak, formerly PeakColo, partners with distributors who leverage its infrastructure that includes “nodes” in Silicon Valley, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, and the United Kingdom. The company’s value added reseller (VAR) based business model renders it distinctive in the IaaS space given that its distributors have the authority to rebrand its platform and provide additional services around its offering, thereby enabling interested parties to quickly enter the market for IaaS product offerings and its associated professional services. The $4 million capital raise was led by existing investors Meritage Funds and Sweetwater Capital. The funding round raises the larger question about the market landscape within the IaaS space and the ability of niche players to carve out appreciable market share from such established brands as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Google Compute Engine, Windows Azure and IBM.

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