DNAnexus Raises $15M In Series C Funding For Platform as a Service For Genomic Data Analysis

DNAnexus today announced the finalization of $15 million in Series C funding for its cloud-based platform to facilitate the analysis and sharing of genomic data. New investor Claremont Creek Ventures joined Google Ventures, TPG Biotech and First Round Capital in participating in the Series C funding, which brings the total capital raised by DNAnexus to $30 million. DNAnexus offers labs and research organizations a platform as a service for conducting the analysis of DNA sequencing data by providing an infrastructure that boasts compliance with healthcare and research compliance protocols such as HIPAA and CLIA in addition to data security capabilities including encryption and role-based access controls. The DNAnexus platform also offers functionality for researchers to share and collaborate with other organizations around the world. Stanford University and Baylor College of Medicine represent two recent prominent users of the platform by collectively processing “tens of thousands of genomes and making the resulting data sets securely available to researchers around the world,” according to a DNAnexus press release. DNAnexus is one of several startups offering cloud-based platforms for the analysis of genomic data alongside the likes of Curoverse, SolveBio and GeneStack.

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