Qubole Hadoop As A Service Platform Available In Beta On Google Compute Engine

Qubole recently partnered with Google to make its Hadoop as a Service platform available on the Google Compute Engine. As a result of the partnership, GCE customers can directly take advantage of Qubole’s autoscaling and automated cluster provisioning functionality, in addition to its auto-healing ability to provide replacements for failed GCE instances. Qubole represents the first fully elastic engine based on Hadoop to run on the Google Compute Engine platform. Shrikanth Shankar, VP Engineering at Qubole, remarked on the significance of Qubole’s partnership with Google Compute Engine as follows:

Google File System and Google MapReduce inspired the development of Hadoop. Now, we’re coming full circle with Hadoop available on GCE. We believe that this delivers one of the most solid foundations for cloud-based Big Data processing and are pleased that we can contribute to its performance, ease of use and low cost.

Qubole’s partnership with GCE stands to diversify its customer base further by extending its reach to users of GCE IaaS platform that additionally have Big Data requirements. As a cloud based Big Data service whose customers include Pinterest, Quora and MediaMath, Qubole independently delivers the autoscaling and cloud-based hosting of Hadoop clusters by means of its next generation Big Data platform. Qubole is currently available on Google Compute Engine in Beta as well as on Amazon Web Services via the AWS Marketplace.

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