JAMF Software Raises $30M To Accelerate Adoption Of its Enterprise Apple Device Management Platform

JAMF Holdings, parent company of JAMF Software, today announced the finalization of a $30M capital raise led by Summit Partners. JAMF Software will use the funding to continue development of Casper Suite, one of the only platforms built exclusively for enterprise management of Apple products. The recent funding raise will also be used to expand sales operations, develop strategic partnerships and expand JAMF’s customer service team. As a result of the investment, Greg Goldfarb of Summit Partners will join the JAMF board of directors. JAMF’s funding raise comes head on the heels of Apple’s increasing penetration into the enterprise, a phenomenon that was largely spearheaded by the iPhone in ways that led to the adoption of other Mac products such as the iPad and Macbook Pro, accordingly to JAMF Software CEO Chip Pearson in an interview with Cloud Computing Today.

Whereas Apple products once used to be confined largely to creative agencies and marketing organizations, Pearson noted the increasing traction of Casper Suite within the financial services industry, government agencies and the education space. That Apple has gained significant inroads in the education space is evinced by the recent success of New York-based Amplify, a tech startup that proposes to revolutionize K-12 education delivery by providing each child with an iPad loaded with innovative curricula. Because of the increasingly prevalent usage of Apple products within large organizations, Casper Suite is well positioned to consolidate market share in the Apple enterprise device management space, particularly given its extensive experience with the Apple platform. JAMF’s previous capital raise was slightly less than $3M, so today’s funding announcement should open the door for rapid quarterly growth in the year to come.

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