Trifacta Finalizes $12M In Series B Funding For Data Transformation Platform

Trifacta today announced the finalization of $12M in Series B funding in a round led by Greylock Partners and Accel Partners. Trifacta, a data transformation provider, delivers a solution that helps customers standardize and transform data into a form that optimizes the degree of actionable business intelligence that can be derived from that data. More importantly, the solution features a user experience that enables analysts and data scientists to leverage machine learning to transform data as desired while minimizing the writing of scripts and the execution of complex operations on datasets. The Trifacta platform strives to deliver a highly intuitive user interface for transforming data that enables business analysts to engage data in highly sophisticated ways while concurrently improving the productivity of data scientists. As such, the solution tackles two, often overlooked problems in the data analytics space, namely, transformation of data into a useable form, and improving the productivity of analysts engaged in the work of that transformation. Trifacta’s data visualization functionality and algorithmic, machine learning-based mapping of user interactions with data works to understand, recommend and optimize workflows for interacting with data. In an interview with Cloud Computing Today, Trifacta CEO Joe Hellerstein noted that the solution is currently in public Beta amongst customers from a wide range of verticals, all of whom face the same problem of transforming their data into a form that facilitates development of nuanced, actionable analytics and visualizations. Today’s funding raise brings the total capital raised by Trifacta to $16.3M.


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