Pivotal Releases Pivotal One, An Enterprise PaaS Marked By The Convergence Of Cloud And Big Data

On Tuesday, Pivotal announced details of Pivotal One, an integrated platform for application development that aims to bring the scalability and performance enjoyed by tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Twitter to enterprise computing. Pivotal One delivers a suite of application and database services around Pivotal CF, an enterprise grade distribution of Cloud Foundry that customers can deploy within on premise environments, VMware or OpenStack-based cloud infrastructures or on Amazon Web Services. Pivotal CF features the Pivotal CF Elastic Runtime Service, which ensures a scalable runtime environment and the Pivotal CF Operations Manager, which provides a comprehensive suite of services for managing and upgrading the Pivotal CF platform in addition to integrating it with IaaS environments.

Pivotal CF is surrounded by an ecosystem of Pivotal One products such as Pivotal™ HD, Pivotal AX, Pivotal RabbitMQ™, and MySQL. Pivotal HD represents Pivotal’s distribution of Apache Hadoop, Pivotal AX delivers analytic services for querying, analyzing, discovering and visualizing data, Pivotal RabbitMQ provides a messaging service for applications and MySQL gives customers the option of a familiar relational database with which to build their applications. The conjunction of Pivotal CF with Pivotal One’s wraparound products marks an offering that integrates the versatility of Cloud Foundry’s tools for agile application development with Pivotal’s tools for big data deployments and data analytics. The offering strives to increase the degree of respect accorded to Platform as a Service in contemporary cloud computing by delivering an enterprise PaaS that surpasses the agility, performance and scalability of application development options available by means of today’s IaaS platforms.

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