Jaspersoft’s BI Platform Extends Utility Pricing Model To Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)

This Tuesday, BI vendor Jaspersoft announced the integration of its BI platform with Amazon Elastic MapReduce. As a result, customers with data stored on Amazon’s EMR platform can now take advantage of Jaspersoft’s suite of business intelligence reporting and analytics and enjoy the company’s utility based, hourly pricing model. Jaspersoft’s support of Amazon EMR represents a deepening of its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) given that Jaspersoft rendered its offering available on AWS EC2 in March, with utility pricing enabled by a BI server on the AWS platform. To date, Jaspersoft has signed up over 500 Amazon Web Services customers that elected to take advantage of its utility pricing by way of the AWS Marketplace. Jaspersoft now integrates with Amazon EC2, RDS, RedShift and EMR in addition to Windows Azure, Red Hat’s OpenShift PaaS as well as Cloud Foundry. Expect Jaspersoft to continue seeding other IaaS and PaaS cloud platforms as it consolidates its strategy of using cloud platforms as a springboard for greater adoption of its open source BI platform.

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