AlgoSec Releases New Version Of Network And Security Suite For Data Center Migrations To Cloud

Today, AlgoSec announced an upgrade to its AlgoSec Security Management Suite. The AlgoSec Security Management Suite streamlines data center migrations to private, public and hybrid clouds by using automated rules to simplify the detection of the parameters undergirding network infrastructures and the objects that support the effective functioning of applications. As a result, customers can perform data center migrations while ensuring the continued performance of mission-critical applications. As part of its migration process, the AlgoSec Security Management Suite maps and understands the impact of network topologies, firewalls, routers and switches on the infrastructure’s applications. AlgoSec’s solution additionally features baseline snapshots of the configuration of firewalls and routers that enable customers to assess their post-migration environment.

Separate from delivering the nuts and bolts of a data center migration solution, the AlgoSec Security Management Suite manages the effective implementation of network security during migrations. The platform allows customers to manage security protocols and “complex policies across firewalls, routers, switches and secure web gateways” in ways that bridge the divide between network and security operations, according to the company’s press release. Moreover, the AlgoSec solution focuses on delivering the network and security configuration that maximizes application performance and availability.

One of the key features of the AlgoSec Security Management Suite features the ability to visualize the ecosystem specific to applications and their performance before and after a migration by using its Business Flow tool. Business Flow provides insight into application performance and status as illustrated below:

The larger consequence for customers is that AlgoSec provides granular data about the integration of network and security with an application-centric focus that enables IT administrators to closely monitor application performance both before and after data center migrations. AlgoSec currently boasts over 1000 customers including 15 of the Fortune 50. As cloud implementations featuring migrations of on-premise data centers to private and public clouds proliferate, the industry should expect more and more customers to leverage off the shelf solutions to facilitate data center migrations and manage the trifold challenge of network, security and application performance. AlgoSec’s uniqueness consists in its ability to play at the intersection of network and security operations, and in this vein we should expect more players to join this space as cloud adoption accelerates.


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