Zenoss Releases Updated VMware ZenPack To Enhance Cloud Monitoring

Zenoss recently announced an updated VMware ZenPack that enhances the ability of customers to monitor VMware managed objects. The VMware ZenPack is one of several of Zenoss’s products that allow IT administrators to monitor and manage on premise, virtual and cloud-based infrastructures by enabling visibility into application performance across a variety of virtualization platforms and ecosystems. The updated VMware ZenPack gives users the ability to monitor the ESX server, vSphere as well as compute, storage and networking resources from a unified management console that additionally boasts enhanced scalability in comparison with previous versions. Other Zenoss ZenPacks enable analogous monitoring of deployments on Amazon Web Services, VMware vCloud and OpenStack. The combination of Zenoss’s ZenPacks enable multi-cloud monitoring and management, particularly in the case of hybrid cloud environments where the unified infrastructure draws upon more than one deployment platform or vendor. The larger value proposition here is the ability to effectively monitor heterogeneous cloud platforms and to identify performance and root cause issues before they escalate. More than 35,000 organizations use Zenoss to monitor their IT operations and computing infrastructures.


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