CloudSigma Cuts Prices As IaaS Price Wars Continue

Zurich-based IaaS vendor CloudSigma recently announced price cuts to its IaaS platform in conjunction with the performance and efficiency enhancements resulting from its recent upgrade to CloudSigma 2.0. CloudSigma 2.0 boasts reduced latency and a solid-state drive (SSD) platform that has resulted in performance increases for customers in the range of 30-40%. Key features of the CloudSigma 2.0 platform include the following:

•Advanced CPU functionality including CPU emulation and non-uniform access (NUMA) visibility
•Hypervisor timer settings
•Ability to control the size of virtual cores
•Support for software defined networking
•SSD storage

In addition to the enhanced functionality specific to its 2.0 platorm, CloudSigma claims that its price cuts derive from decreasing costs for hardware as traditional OEM server providers such as IBM and HP encounter competition from vendors such as Quanta and Supermicro. CloudSigma’s RAM pricing decreased by 20% whereas its CPU pricing decreased by 15%. CloudSigma joins ProfitBricks in slashing its IaaS prices although the latter has recently become the subject of a number of security breaches discovered after its announcement to reduce prices to compete with Amazon Web Services.


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