Sauce Labs Finalizes $5M In Series C Funding For Automated Application Testing Platform

Sauce Labs today announced the finalization of $5 million in Series C funding from Toba Capital, entrepreneur Scott Banister and current investors such as Triage Ventures. The funding will be used to accelerate the company’s business development initiatives as well as expand its customer support team. Tyler Jewell, leader of the Toba Capital investment, will join the Sauce Labs board of directors. Jewell remarked on the positioning of Sauce Labs within the software development industry by noting that the “market opportunity for automated application testing is large” and that Sauce Labs occupied “the sweet spot of this market, adding big customers names with a highly scalable and durable testing as a service” platform. Sauce Labs specializes in automated testing for mobile and web applications by delivering a testing environment that accommodates over 150 browser, OS and device platforms. The company also offers manual testing of a variety of mobile and non-mobile applications. The company’s core, automated testing platform assists customers tackle the challenge of ensuring the integrity and performance of applications given the contemporary proliferation of devices and browsers. Current Sauce Labs customers include Dropbox, McKesson, Mozilla, Yelp and Salesforce, the lattermost of which is also an investor. The company’s meteoric rise within the automated application testing space underscores the segmentation of the software/systems development lifecycle whereby application testing is increasingly outsourced given the complexity of testing applications across different environments, devices, operating systems and browsers.


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