Midokura Announces Integration With CloudStack

Building upon its finalization of $17.3 million in Series A funding, Midokura recently announced the integration of its MidoNet technology platform with Apache CloudStack, the open source IaaS platform that Citrix submitted to the Apache Foundation in 2012. MidoNet is a software-defined virtual network solution for IaaS that leverages a distributed, decentralized virtual networking architecture. MidoNet’s value proposition consists in its ability to streamline the management of networking infrastructures for IaaS while reducing costs by means of the simplicity of the platform’s networking topology. Midokura CEO Dan Mihai Dumitriu remarked on the significance of MidoNet’s integration with CloudStack as follows:

We view Apache CloudStack as a leading open source platform, so we are pleased to offer a tightly integrated solution which gives CloudStack customers the ability to take advantage of the MidoNet network virtualization solution. The major benefits of the joint solution will be increased scalability, functionality and management of the network layer, along with a simpler approach to network design.

Dumitriu notes how MidoNet brings enhanced simplicity and scalability in addition to improved “functionality and management” to CloudStack and other IaaS platforms. MidoNet already claims integration with OpenStack, and hence its recent CloudStack announcement stands to widen its adoption and consolidate Midokura’s positioning as one of the leading software defined networking vendors for the IaaS space. As MidoNet’s adoption accelerates, the industry should expect to hear more in the way of customer success stories that underscore, elaborate and explain the uniqueness of MidoNet’s distributed, decentralized virtual networking platform in contradistinction to VMware’s acquisition Nicira.


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